Not writing. Not writing. Not writing. A little writing. Not writing. Not writing.

So, my non-writing life is a lot of my life. Most of my life, actually. I’ve spent entire days, weeks, months, years, thinking about writing but not writing. Does that count as a hobby? Not writing is more exhausting than writing, so it’s not exactly a mellow diversion that allows me to reflect, recharge, gain word distance and perspective, to paraphrase the Writing 101 Day 11 assignment.

Which reminds me, I never did the Day 8 assignment. It was about expanding comments into posts and seamless linking and I somehow seamlessly linked away into vacuuming the bedrooms and using  my SteamFast SF-275 to clean off at least one-half of the layer of grime on the endless tile in our house. Is cleaning a hobby? It’s something I do when I’m not writing, although I think about writing sometimes when I’m doing it. So does that mean it doesn’t count as something that resets, refreshes and gives me perspective?

Honestly, if I wrote one word for each 20 times I think about writing, I’d have written ten books by now. If you write books in your head does that make you a writer, a virtual writer or a thinker, or one of those people who talks out of their ass about writing but never actually does it? Well, actually I do it in this proportion: 99% thinking I should write something, 1% actual writing. Isn’t that a Thomas Edison quote?

Hiking. Walking. Eating. Photography, yoga, meditation, cooking, reading, playing with the dog, working on/cleaning the house, farting around on the web for far too many hours, hanging with the husband, getting the fuck out of Dodge when I can afford it. But if I wonder why I’m not writing when I’m doing those things, do they count as the pause that perspectives?

I’m really, really tired. Too tired to think about writing and too tired to write writing. So Good NIght and Good Luck.


Not writing. Not writing. Not writing. A little writing. Not writing. Not writing.

6 thoughts on “Not writing. Not writing. Not writing. A little writing. Not writing. Not writing.

    1. ro says:

      Thank you so much! I’m thrilled! My husband is a huge gamer so it was fun to read some of your excellent blog posts on games. You now have a one more dedicated follower–me!


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