Lazy Days and Scrambled Tweets

It’s been a strange time. I’ve been dealing with some kind of interstitial cystitis or something that makes me ache “down there” and makes my bladder feel full–like I have to pee every few minutes–and I do.I’ve over-doctored and over-researched and have finally come up with a protocol. We’ll see how it works.

Anyway, the reason I’m telling you this is so you’ll understand why I don’t feel like doing much work today. But I don’t want to get behind on my assignments, so I’m going to cheat a bit by posting some poems made out of my past tweets using  Poetweet . It’s really fun, and you never know what you’ll get. So, let’s go, shall we?

 Your questions

Some Kryptonite in it’s direction.
Arby Chronciles Love and Pink Juice
In photos w/out your permission.
Dispatched TODAY? Horrible service

Their block into something…
Lesser-known Gnarls Barkley tune
Blogs than watch the damn thing.
Flock to it to make me a fortune.

Playing Texas Hold’em with her…
Gatorade! Check out my blog:
Don’t eat mayo and jello together.
Through the “Improvements” catalog
Of Tonglen couldn’t hurt, either.

and another:

Pink Juice

Buffalo and most of Springfield.
For a good, cheap sunscreen?
Deflowering a virgin in a field?

Glacier. I always find these stories

Some weed or just took a dump.
To become social aggravator.

Museum of failed product launches.

She should have given it more…

and the third time’s the charm:


Adoption at  Animal Care
Mom, is that why I’m on Adderall?
W/friends. Watch what you share.
All the food, push away all…

Out of the jar, taking out to pee.
Boy like Ranger. He wants a home!
I ran in to 7-11 for a Slurpee.
So drive over here and get some!

The message. Bill Clinton?
She should have given it more…
Going to be at the Ritz-Carlton 6.

Gatorade! Check out my blog:
A ride on the passions of others.
Through the “Improvements” catalog.

Lazy Days and Scrambled Tweets

6 thoughts on “Lazy Days and Scrambled Tweets

  1. Some time back there was similar trend on Facebook. creating statuses with past posts. They are funny, aren’t they?

    Oh, and I hope you researched protocol works out and you get better ASAP. Best wishes!


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