What Does Stuff Cost?

…that’s what I typed into Google and it came up with 228,000,000 results. I originally wanted to find out what a root canal costs because my crown that’s only four months old still hurts when I drink something hot or cold and that’s not great news.

So, since I didn’t interview someone else for Assigment 19, I decided to make a list of the price that people paid for medical and dental stuff in the past year using Costhelper. Because the price of anything depends on where you live, I decided to use specific prices curated from user comments.

$875 Root canal for rear bottom tooth, St. Louis, MO.

$3,500  Tummy tuck, El Paso, TX.

$425 STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease Testing) Sunnyvale, CA.

$9,000 Baby Delivery at hospital Houston, TX.

$3,630 Dental braces for child, Bloomsburg, PA.

$67,500 Total knee replacement ault Ste Marie MI.

$7,000 Laser hair removal of sideburns, lip, brows, underarms, legs, public hair (bikini) West Hartford, CT.

It would be a hell of a bill if one person got all of these procedures done!

What Does Stuff Cost?

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