Keeping ’em down on the (Animal) Farm

Fascinating article from last year asking Muslim Women not to wear the hijabimrs

Religion, which was meant to console and nourish the soul, has been used for centuries to keep women down. And that includes the ultra- Orthodox sect of my own people, the Hasidic Jews. Own a woman’s soul though religion and her body though restraints on birth control, abortion and marriage. I’ve given this a lot of thought over the years and have decided that women, all women, even those who delude themselves into thinking that being white and wealthy makes them equal to men when it only keeps them at the top of the “women” (i.e. second class citizen) pile, have a lot in common.

And although I am fully aware that it manifests at differing levels and intensity, being kept under the thumb of the half of the species that fancies itself “more equal than others” is one of them.


Keeping ’em down on the (Animal) Farm

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