Lady of the Flies–Sacrifice or Sangha?

An all female remake of “Lord of the Flies” written by two men? Just blow me. Just suck my dick. Are the broads going to hand Piggy an asthma inhaler and a new pair of glasses instead of sacrificing her? Will Miss Piggy be wearing a hot bikini? Hollywood has not changed and is not that much more inclusive to women than it was decades ago.

The new Piggy?

We WOMEN need to be writing and directing and producing our own NEW STORIES, not remaking existing ones and plugging in an all-female cast. Women in Hollywood are often just as guilty of this as men. Old ideas. Redone. Rehashed. Same Old Shit. A bunch more remakes of classic all-male movies with all-female casts are in the works

Jesus, aren’t we better than this? And can some of you millionaire/billionaire women step up to to fund NEW movies and NEW stories about women so we won’t have to sit though this cinematic deja vu? Thankfully, movies and Hollywood are less relevant now that we have alternate distribution models.

Lady of the Flies–Sacrifice or Sangha?

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